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Xuedong Huang

Xuedong Huang is the key person behind Microsoft's speech recognition technologies.


Huang grew up in Hunan, China and became a US citizen in 1995.



In 1978, Huang entered Hunan University without finishing high school. He graduated with a B.S. degree in computer science from Hunan University in 1982, and went on to earn a MS in computer science from Tsinghua University. He received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of Edinburgh.

Academic research

He joined the Carnegie Mellon University faculty in 1989 and worked with Raj Reddy and Kai-Fu Lee on speech recognition. At CMU, Huang received the 1992 Alan Newell research excellence medal for the Sphinx-II system that had the most accurate performance.

Huang has co-authored two books: and . He became an IEEE Fellow in 2000. Huang received the National Education Commission of China's 1987 Science and Technology Progress Award, IEEE 1993 Speech Processing Best Paper Award. SpeechTek has named him a top 10 leader of the speech industry.

Apple Computer recruited Lee in 1991 and Microsoft recruited Huang in 1993 to start the competitive speech efforts respectively after two's collaboration at Carnegie Mellon University.


Huang is known as Mr Speech at Microsoft for founding its speech recognition initiatives. Huang is currently general manager of the Communications Innovation Center at Microsoft. He is responsible to bring to market new communications products and services such as Response Point, an advanced phone system for small business.

Huang has spent his career helping to advance speech recognition technologies in a variety of capacities. He was the key leader who brought Microsoft's Speech Application Programming Interface and speech recognition/TTS technologies to the public. From 2000 to 2004, Huang served as general manager of Microsoft's Speech Platforms Group, where he led both the business and engineering teams that shipped Microsoft Speech Server and other voice technologies in Windows, Office, Windows Mobile and Exchange.

Huang helped to recruit Kai-Fu Lee to Microsoft from Apple Computer in 1998 to run its Beijing labs. Lee later came back to the USA and became Huang's boss before Lee switched to Google.

Hunan University and University of Washington

In addition to his responsbilities at Microsoft, Huang is currently of School of Software Engineering at Hunan University helping to modernize China's software engineering education. He also serves as an affiliate Professor and is a member of the Industrial Advisory Board of EE at University of Washington.

TV and Books

*''Do You Speak American?'' By Robert MacNeil, William Cran, Robert McCrum , Harcourt Trade
*''Spoken Language Processing: a guide to theory, algorithm, and system development'' by Xuedong Huang, Alex Acero, Hsiao-Wuen Hon Prentice Hall
*''Hidden Markov Models for Speech Recognition'' by Xuedong D Huang, Yasuo Ariki, Mervyn A Jack Edinburgh University Press

Wugai Mountain Hunting Field

Wugai Mountain Hunting Field is located close to Chenzhou, in Hunan Province in China.

This park space is a hunting area where several different kinds of animals may be hunted. It has an area of 80 square kilometres.

Wangtang, Hunan

Wangtang is the name of 3 towns in Hunan.

*One is located at , 15 km south of Hongjiang
*One is located at , near Huaihua
*One is located at , about 60 km northwest of Hengyang

Suxian Hill

Suxian Hill also known as the 18th blessed land of China, is located in Hunan, China. The inhabited place called Suxian is located in Anhui Province at

Lat: 33 38 00 N degrees minutes Lat: 33.6333 decimal degrees
Long: 116 58 00 E degrees minutes Long: 116.9667 decimal degrees

Politics of Hunan

The Politics of Hunan Province in the People's Republic of China is structured in a dual party-government system like all other governing institutions in mainland China.

The Governor of Hunan is the highest ranking official in the People's Government of Hunan. However, in the province's dual party-government governing system, the Governor has less power than the Hunan Communist Party of China Provincial Committee Secretary, colloquially termed the "Huanan CPC Party Chief".

List of HunanCPC Party Secretaries

#Huang Kecheng : 1949-1952
#Jin Ming : 1952-1953
#Zhou Xiaozhou : 1953-1957
#Zhou Hui : 1957-1959
#Zhang Pinghua :1959-1966
#Wang Yanchun : 1966.
#Hua Guofeng : 1967-1970
#Li Yuan : 1970
#Hua Guofeng : 1970-1977
#Mao Zhiyong : 1977-1988
#Xiong Qingquan : 1988-1993
#Wang Maolin : 1993-1998
#Yang Zhengwu : 1998-2005
#Zhang Chunxian : 2005-incumbent

List of Governors of Hunan

#Chen Mingren : 1949-1950
#Wang Shoudao : 1950-1952
#Cheng Qian : 1952-1967
#Li Yuan : 1968-1970
#Hua Guofeng : 1970-1977
#Mao Zhiyong : 1977-1979
#Sun Zhiguo : 1979-1983)
#Liu Zheng : 1983-1985
#Xiong Qingquan : 1985-1989
#Chen Bangzhu :1989-1995
#Yang Zhengwu : 1995-1998
#Chu Bo : 1998-2001
#Zhang Yunchuan : 2001-2003
#Zhou Bohua : 2003.03-2006
#Zhou Qiang : 2006-incumbent

List of Chairmen of Hunan People's Congress

#Wan Da : 1979-1983
#Sun Guozhi : 1983-1985
#Jiao Linyi : 1985-1988
#Liu Fusheng : 1988-1998
#Wang Maolin : 1998
#Yang Zhengwu : 1999-2006
#Zhang Chunxian : 2006-incumbent

List of Chairmen of Hunan Committee

#Zhou Xiaozhou : 1955-1959
#Zhang Pinghua : 1959-1967
#Mao Zhiyong : 1977-1979
#Zhou Li : 1979-1983
#Cheng Xingling : 1983-1987
#Liu Zheng : 1988-1998
#Liu Fusheng : 1998-2001
#Wang Keying : 2001-2003
#Hu Biao : 2003-incumbent

List of prisons in Hunan province

This is a list of prisons within Hunan province of the People's Republic of China.
* Chaling Prison
* Changde Prison
* Changsha Prison
* Chenzhou Prison
* Chishan Prison
* Deshan Prison
* Dongan Prison
* Guiyang Prison
* Hengshan Prison
* Hengzhou Prison
* Huaihua Prison
* Jinshi Prison
* Jishou Prison
* Liling Prison
* Lingling Prison
* Loudi Prison
* Pingtang Prison
* Provincial No. 6 Prison
* Prov. Women's Prison
* Shaodong Prison
* Shaoyang Prison
* Taoyuan Prison
* Wangling Prison
* Wuling Prison
* Xiangnan Prison
* Xiangtan Prison
* Xingcheng Prison
* Yanbei Prison
* Yannan Prison
* Yueyang Prison
* Yongzhou Prison
* Zhangjiajie Prison

List of laojiaos in Hunan

This is a list of laojiaos within Hunan province of the People's Republic of China.
A laojiao is a labor camp.

*Baimalong Women's RTL
*Changde RTL
*Changqiao RTL
*Changsha Women's RTL
*Chapu RTL
*Hengshan RTL
*Huaihua RTL
*Lengshujiang RTL
*Lingling RTL
*Loudi RTL
*Shaoyang RTL
*Xiangtan RTL
*Xinkaipu RTL
*Yiyang RTL
*Yongzhou RTL

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